Stage name: Darkest Dawn
Darkest Dawn is an original alternative hard rock band with influences from Tool, NIN, Rush, Stevie Nicks, Garbage, Hole, Concrete Blonde, etc.! We have Dawn Gibson who is the lead vocalist, rhythm guitarist, and songwriter; Daniel Run on lead guitar; Tim Brose on bass guitar; and Michael Hackman on drums, whose collaborative songwriting efforts result in songs that will move you from the inside - out. The talents within the band provide for an energy filled performance! The band was recently featured on CHRW 94.9 FM . We are on regular rotation on airing with various radio hosts around the world! JXFM Radio Tokyo will also be airing us! And there will be more to come! When it comes to the songs that Darkest Dawn creates, you will find that the lyrics, combined with the ethereal overtones in the music, result in songs intended to command your attention, yet allow you to sit back and absorb the music. It is our intention to rock your world! So, come and watch, listen and learn..... At some point in each of our lives, life presents us with tunnels....tunnels that can seem so dark.... Let us be the light at the end of that tunnel... Enter the world of Darkest Dawn... you will be glad you did !

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