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Clean,Ventriloquist,Balloon Twister,Puppets
Stage name: Peter Persona
Peter began his involvement in theatre at a young age. As a teenager Peter traveled to many fairs and events and would always watch the performers there. One day after seeing a particularly good show he said to himself, "I wish I could do that." Little did he know that those words would change his life forever. Peter continued living normally and he didn’t think anything more about the wish. Until one morning when everything changed. He opened his front door and found a large cardboard box sitting there. Peter - Being a curious sort - brought the box inside to examine it. What did Peter find inside this mysterious parcel? A three foot tall frog named Fredric Hoppertoad. When asked how he got stuck in a cardboard box Fredric replied, “I don’t want to talk about it.” This began of the lasting friendship of Peter Persona and his puppet pals. Peter Persona is a family entertainer serving the Kingston, Brockville and Ottawa areas. Peter’s ventriloquism shows are suitable for all ages. He can also create balloon creations. Peter Persona has performed for Autism Ontario, Neon Night Kingston, and the Boulevard Club in Toronto.

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