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Stage name: Jacob and the BluesBusters
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Jacob and the BLUESBUSTERS Band is a Premier 7pc.R&B Blues Band from the London area with Live Horns, rhythm section and front lead vocalist who connects with the audience and interacts with your group so that you can enjoy an evening of dancing and great entertainment. We perform at bluesfests, corporate parties, dances, nightclubs, conventions, fundraisers and private parties. We include special theme sets of the "Blues Brothers" even have been known to do an "Elvis Blues" set to dance to.!Al52i_fjNSo1gSWxzmILf0fVy9Gk!Al52i_fjNSo1bWNjOav3cQIF0Cs If you are looking for a lively variety and danceable Band with that TRUE R&B BLUES sound with a 3-pc. Horn section, a 3- pc Rhythm section and a lively front vocalist with a dynamic voice - - - - Who ya gonna call - - - - “Jacob and the BLUESBUSTERS”!! CONTACT: Jacob 519-777-2394 (phone or text) Sample song list BRICK HOUSE CHAIN OF FOOLS UNCHAIN MY HEART SHOTGUN KEEP YOUR HAT ON SOUL WITH A CAPITAL S LONG TRAIN RUNNING SOUL FINGER VEHICLE GIMMI SOME LOVIN SWEET SOUL MUSIC DOCK OF THE BAY GOOD ROCKING MIDNIGHT HOUR SOME KINDA WONDERFUL AIN'T NO SUNSHINE SHAKE BOOM BOOM BOOM TIME WON'T LET ME KNOCK ON WOOD MUSTANG SALLY DOING IT RIGHT MOVING ON OVER / ROADHOUSE TAKE ME TO THE RIVER MY OWN WAY TO ROCK

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