How do venues and booking agents find me?

  • Venues search for talent based on geographical location and artist type. We advertise to these venues as a free service to search our site.

What is the charge for searching?

  • StageWages is free to anyone wishing to browse talent. Contact the artist directly and negotiate your own terms for engagement.

Are there any hidden fees or commissions?

  • No.  At StageWages there will never be any agent fees or commissions charged to artists. All transactions are strictly between talent and booking personnel. 

How do the profile feature images work?

  • All member artists who have completed their talent profiles will be randomly featured on StageWages Home Page.

What if my talent fits more than one category?

  • You always have the option to select as many categories as relate to your talents within your personal profile. Filling in your hashtags will also help people who are searching find your specific talents.

What is A hashtag and how does it work?

  • Hashtags are key words or phrases that describe specific niche talents or genres, which when attached to your profile, help people find you more easily. 

Who owns the content of my profile?

  • As a talent member with StageWages you retain full ownership of your profile, the images and content you provide . By opening your account you agree to allow StageWages to use the profile content to promote your availability, and current gigs on our event calendar. You may edit your own profile content at any time.

Are there other ways to search for talent on StageWages?

  • Along with the hashtags we’ve created for commonly used words and phrases which describe talent, the search portal allows you to find performers by name, and by geographical location. Our events calendar also allows users to search for their favourite performers by name.

Who can add content to the Event Calendar?

Artists and venues that have sign up as members can add existing gigs to the calendar from their personal profile pages.

How do I sell stuff on StageWages?

There two ways to sell with StageWages. You can choose to have your images sold on merchandise produced by our suppliers, or upload and sell your own merchandise in our Marketplace. A personal PayPal checkout will be required for option two.