Time is long overdue for live local entertainment to regain the limelight. StageWages is a self promotional platform that was developed for the sole purpose of promoting live talent everywhere. We have created a unique web space for entertainers to showcase their talents and be found by venues or individuals looking to fill their gigs. At StageWages, the focus is always on the artist, whichever the talent or genre  you wish to showcase. We invite musicians, comedians, magicians, and performers from varied disciplines to sign up with StageWages and create your own personalized profile and professional press kit.

We are also committed to helping venues everywhere find the talent they need for their stages, attract larger audiences, and to provide talented people promote their craft wherever they are willing to travel. Fans are welcome to join the community and together with artists and venues, we can rekindle the love for local live entertainment across Canada.

Some of our profile features include:

  •  Personalize your talent profile with photo images, embedded performance video, and various social media links.
  •  Sell your own material or have us make products with your images 100% commission free.
  •  Artists and venues list your upcoming gigs on our events calendar.
  •  Fans are free to join and rate their favourite performers and venues.
  •  Live entertainment lovers’ community all in one site.