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I do realize that I’ve been repeating a familiar tune lately. But if live entertainment on a local scale is ever to experience the renaissance it truly deserves, then we need to remind ourselves how glorious it once was. If you will pardon the obvious theft; With a Little Help from My Friends, I Will try to make my case. Here, There and Everywhere clubs have been closing not for lack of talent, but for the loss of attendance. Fixing the Hole of indifference is a daunting task against an ever growing array of entertainment choices Across the Universe.

However, if you can think back to Yesterday when the icons of today were just getting started, their Magical Mystery Tours began in the clubs and taverns of their youth. These were the proving grounds where musicians and songwriters would Carry That Weight of nightly grind on their way to stardom. If not for the Revolution of night club revelry of the 1960s, many of these artists could very well have been Nowhere Man. We desperately need to Help today’s burgeoning talent Get Back to those times once more and support our future superstars.

If Penny Lane doesn’t have what you’re looking for, there’s another place close by Waiting for a Friend to find Satisfaction and Sympathy for your taste. If It’s Only Rock N’ Roll or any other genre you prefer, Don’t Stop searching for that undiscovered gem Undercover of the Night. It doesn’t really matter whether you prefer four fabs, or glitter twins. What really matters is that you have the choice. Wild Horses couldn’t drag that away, could they? Supporting local clubs is vital so they Not Fade Away and forever be Painted Black.

So, as we Twist and Shout our way down that Long and Winding Road, why not grab a Ticket to Ride and take the time for a Hard Day’s Night at a local night spot? Come Together before it’s The Last Time, and Let’s Spend the Night Together reveling in the artistry and passion of those who play for us. Unless you have a Heart of Stone, you know that the love you take is indeed equal to the love you make.

I know We Can Work it Out. I’ve Got a Feeling you can Imagine that?

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I understand that many people are suspicious by nature, and are hesitant to jump into anything new. But if you have taken the time to read my previous posts, you should have a fairly clear picture of who I am and what my motives are. To reiterate, I took it upon myself to design and develop a web platform that would encourage the interaction between live performance artists, local venues that showcase those artists, and entertainment fans like me who crave new experiences in live art. Through growth of this global community on StageWages, I hope to expose the talent and artistry of its members to a much wider audience than previously thought possible.

So what do I mean by the power of one? Am I talking about myself here?

Absolutely not!

I’m simply referring to the pure energy that’s released by the sharing of valued information. If nothing else ever came from your experience on StageWages than the attraction of one new fan, or one more gig from a new venue, would it all have been worth it? If by posting your FREE profile on our platform you gained one new follower, I would suggest that you have scored a big win. Because when one new person discovers something worth following, invariably they share it with others. It might seem insignificant at first, but that is the POWER of ONE. It only takes a single seed to start a garden. Laying the foundation for nurturing a following from people you may never meet, is what StageWages is all about.

It’s a lot like the magic that happens when you string one chord to another, and then another. Suddenly, a song appears with a voice that’s as unique as its creator. The value you place in your own talent is what should motivate you to take advantage of an opportunity, even if at first it seems minuscule. The result that can be achieved is boundless.

So what do I get out of it? Other than the satisfaction that comes from building a vibrant and nurturing web community, any tangible reward I reap will only come when the value produced equals the effort. Take a closer look at the programs on this website that have already been created with the consumer in mind. And by consumer I mean all three types of users I want to connect. All are free to use for the benefit of engaged parties. When one becomes many, the true power emerges. Tell your friends and fans about StageWages if you please. A new energy is evolving. Won’t you join us and power it forward?

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Can’t Wait to See That!

Tell me if this sounds familiar.

You’re sitting in a semi-darkened movie theatre waiting for the feature to begin. After enduring what seems like an endless barrage of commercials, the trailers for coming attractions start to roll. One of the new releases catches your eye, and you say to your partner, “That looks really good. We should see that when it comes out”. Invariably, there’s always one in the group of trailers that piques your interest, you know this isn’t just a coincidence. Trailers shown before feature films always share similar traits, be they similar stories or from the same genre.

Television ads that promote a new series use the same tactic. You’ll be caught up in the latest episode of your favourite drama, and at the closing of the commercial break before returning to the program, there’s a snippet of the newest station offering, ‘SERIES PREMIERE STARTING…”. Similarly, when you’re sitting at a sporting event watching your favourite team, the PA and stadium video systems will always pump you with reminders for the upcoming rivalry with the home team’s arch rival. “Get your tickets now before we sell out!”, is the message designed to lure you back to the box office.

So what makes this kind of advance advertising work so well for these venues? Well, for starters they have a captive audience, and they have all put time and effort into developing their following. Now, I’m not suggesting that bars and nightclubs start running commercials between live sets, but it’s the only place where entertainment doesn’t effectively self promote. Most bar and venues that host live performances display a calendar of upcoming attractions, but a mere picture here is not necessarily worth a thousand new customers. How do we change this?

Let’s start with a directory where existing followers can find their favourite acts with a click of a button. And while on that same search engine, why not give those fans an opportunity to see and hear samplings of those and other artists who perform live?  At StageWages, we are developing a one stop feature guide for local artists to promote their talent, and soon, will be free to update their schedule of future shows. We want to help performers thrive by creating a cohesive showcase for the promotion of all it’s members. There is one thing that is true of successful entertainers, they always help their own cause by promoting the talents of fellow artists.

Like us on Facebook and Twitter, and come join the array of talented people who value the art of self promotion,and the infinite benefits of exploiting their talents as a group effort. Sign up and build your own profile today at and bring the power of numbers to live entertainment everywhere.